zodbshootout can be installed using pip:

pip install zodbshootout

This will install the zodbshootout script along with ZODB and ZEO. To test other storages (such as RelStorage) or storage wrappers (such as zc.zlibstorage) you’ll need to install those packages as well.


zodbshootout comes with extras that install RelStorage plus an appropriate database adapter/driver for a specific database:

pip install "zodbshootout[mysql]"
pip install "zodbshootout[postgresql]"
pip install "zodbshootout[oracle]"


This does not actually install the databases. You will need to install those separately (possibly using your operating system’s package manager) and create user accounts as described in the RelStorage documentation.


This does not install the packages necessary for RelStorage to integrate with Memcache. See the RelStorage documentation for more information on the packages needed to test RelStorage and Memcache.


When zodbshootout is installed, ZEO is also installed. To test ZEO’s performance, you’ll need to have the ZEO process running, as described in the ZEO documentation.